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LOVE me some Snap Cubby!  Hands down the best accessory to any wedding or special event.

I had Eric and the Snap Cubby at my wedding back in 2009... I always wanted a photo booth at my wedding but back then they were just starting to get popular.  So on the Central Coast there was all of ONE option and it was WAAAY overpriced - until Eric walked into my life!

The cubby itself is rad.  Quick nice quality prints, big enough for a ton of people but small enough to be intimate, and the costume/prop box is full of surprises.  Eric is awesome - he's fun, attentive and easy going.  My favorite part was the guest book - people are still talking about how fun it was to personalize their entry, and the hubs and I just looked through it the other day around our anniversary.

The Snap Cubby is a great value for the investment and adds SO MUCH FUN to your wedding or event!!
HarmonyMarried October 3, 2009
The Dana Powers Barn
Nipomo, CA

I can't say enough good things about Snap Cubby. It was a huge hit at my wedding and sooooo much fun. Eric and his crew were very professional and nice. It was well worth the money (which was very reasonable). The booth looked great. I am so happy I didn't go with one of those tent rentals. The photos we got of our guests are priceless and everyone said it was a huge. Not one guest could resist having their picture taken. Even the staff at the venue got in on the fun. I told my new husband that I want to plan an event so we can do it again.
Lori C.Married September 24, 2011
Hyatt Carmel Highlands
Big Sur, CA