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Thank you sooooo much for all that you did for our wedding! Our favorite part of the wedding was SNAP CUBBY! Well... getting married was #1, then the photo booth! HA! We love the videos and pics you sent us as well.... we loved it!
The Rachleff'sMarried August 20th, 2011
Santa Cruz, CA

Snap Cubby is what MADE my wedding such a hit!
My husband and I as well as ALL of our guests loved it!!

Right now photo booths are all the rage..my mother(also wedding coordinator) and I spent literally 4-6 months researching photo booths alone..
There are some cool ones out there, that are a million and a half dollars, and some that look like an art project my friends and I threw together in our garage..
Snap Cubby is the ultimate of all worlds...GREAT prices, and a lot of price ranges to choose from as well as a sleek vintage authentic old school photo booth vibe.
Lynnae L.Married October 1st, 2011
Lake Natoma Inn
Folsom, CA