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We know you have a lot to think about while planning your event, and we want to help. Below are our most frequently asked questions. Our pricing varies from location to location, and we have discounts for off-season events, weekday events, and charitable fundraising events. For that reason, we give custom quotes with the best pricing available for every event to keep it simple for you. If you have already contacted us to check pricing and availability for your event, we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.  If you still have other questions, don’t be shy, we love to help!


Q. Which areas of California does Snap Cubby serve?

A. Currently Snap Cubby serves San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. We have been known to travel as far south as Ventura County and as far north as the San Francisco Bay Area. Wondering if your event falls with-in our reach? Contact us!

Q. How do I reserve a Snap Cubby photo booth for my special event?

A. Booking Snap Cubby is easy!  Just drop us an email through our contact page with all the necessary details for your event, and we’ll reply back with our availability, detailed pricing info, and a custom booking page just for you. Before we can make your Snap Cubby photo booth rental official, you’ll simply have to read and sign our reservation contract, fill out the basic details of your event, and put a $350 deposit down using any major credit card.

Q. How far in advance should I reserve the Snap Cubby photo booth for our event?

A.  June thru October is our busiest season, so for brides looking to book Snap Cubby for their summer/fall wedding, time is of the essence!  Our more popular dates book out many months in advance. Remember, photo booth rentals are reserved on a first-come, first serve basis. Contact us now to see if there is a photo booth available for your event.

Q. Why don’t you put your prices online?

A. Since we travel to your event, and our services vary in some areas, we offer custom quotes for each specific event. This ensures that the prices you see will be what you get, with no hidden costs of any kind.

Q. How much do you charge for delivery and setup to my event?

A. Delivery and setup is always included in the prices we quote! If your event is out of our normal range, you will see an “Extended Delivery Range” fee included in your quote. We never keep any fees hidden from you!

Q. Will someone attend to the photo booth during our event?

A. Absolutely! One of our fabulous Snap Cubby Attendants will stay with the booth during your entire event, helping your guests through the whole process, and ensuring the booth is running smoothly. They might even have some magic tricks up their sleeve!

Q. How long should I rent Snap Cubby for?

A. Snap Cubby is a great way to keep your guests entertained throughout your entire event. How frequently your guests use the photo booth will vary, but Snap Cubby rarely sits unused. If you are having a buffet-style dinner, guests love to hop in for a few fun photos while waiting for their turn. It also is a great accompaniment to any dance floor, and tends to stay extra busy when not far from “the party”. Some guests will hop in to the booth many times during the night, and a few shy ones may, sadly, not use the booth at all. But in the end, we are almost always prying the booth away from the last group of guests trying to get “just one last picture!” Our minimum rental time is 3 hours, which is generally enough time to ensure everyone gets a chance to use Snap Cubby, but if you have a large group, or just want to keep the fun going, we’re happy to add on additional hours to any package!

Q. How many people can fit inside a photo booth?

A. Snap Cubby was designed to be reminiscent of the old-fashioned photo booths that produce more intimate photos with just a few people inside.  With our cushy, built-in bench, and swanky upholstered walls, our photo booths can fit 2-3 adults sitting comfortably. However, we have seen up to 8 people squeeze into the booth for a pretty funny set of photos.  Some other photo booth companies boast that they can hold more people, but that simply means the folks inside will look much smaller in the images.  Having a bench inside helps to keep everyone comfortably at the same height.  Standing just leads to people blocking each other, tall folks looking like giants, and kids or grandparents in wheelchairs just getting the tips of their heads in the photo.

Q. How much space does Snap Cubby take up?

A.  The footprint for the photo booth is roughly 4’x7′, but don’t forget to account for the crowd of people that Snap Cubby will attract!  There’s no doubt that photo booths are fun, and with the monitor on the outside of Snap Cubby showing a slide show of photos from the night, you have to expect lots of people crowding around.  This is especially important when thinking about where the venue staff and/or wait staff will be moving around.  If you are also including our trunk full of props and costumes, or our welcome table with guest book, be sure to make additional room.  Fun like this needs room to breath!

Q. Is there anything that we need to provide?

A. In order to operate properly we will need the following: (1) Good Access (Good Access means a wheel chair can easily roll to the location using either a pathway or an elevator. (2)One standard 110v electric outlet within 30 feet of the desired booth location; (3) The location where the photo booth will operate needs to be level solid ground. If the ground itself is not level or solid, a 1/2 inch thick sheet of 4’x8′ plywood must be supplied by the client and placed in the location where the photo booth will operate.  Please also be mindful of the floor surface where you wish to have Snap Cubby placed.  We will not be held responsible for any damage to the floor surface where Snap Cubby will be situated, so if you think there’s a chance the ground could get scuffed or damaged, we suggest placing a rug or rubber mat down over the floor.  If you are unsure about any of this, please consult with us as we’re happy to help.

Q. Can you provide copies of the digital images taken by the photo booth ?

A. Yes! If it’s not already included in your rental package, a CD with all of the images from your event can be added to your rental package as an add-on.

Q. Can Snap Cubby print classic black-and-white strips like the old-time photo booths did in the 1950s?

A. Absolutely! If you want the classic feel of the old black and white photo strips for your event, you got it!

Q. Is a personal message to be printed on the photos included?

A.  Of course! We have a variety of options for incorporating a personal message or logo on your photo strips.

Q. Can I customize how the printed photo strips look?

In addition to the great options we offer at no additional cost, we do offer the ability to fully customize your photo strip layout when you upgrade to our Custom Banner and Photo Strip Design.

Q. Can I have Snap Cubby print out grid-style 4×6 inch prints instead of photo strips?

While some folks like the look of these style prints, we can’t help but be partial to the traditional looking photo strips that have been around forever.  Nevertheless, we can definitely have your prints come out in this style.

Q. Will the digital images from our event be posted online?

A. Yes, all of our rentals include an online gallery of the images taken in Snap Cubby during your event. Our galleries are password protected, so only those who attended the event have access to the gallery, and you are welcome to take down any specific images that you would rather not have online for anyone at all to see. That being said, not everything that happens in the Snap Cubby Photo Booth stays in the Snap Cubby Photo Booth…  You’ve been warned 😉